The Duties of a Witch High Priestess and High Priest for a Wiccan Rite of Passage even for someone you do not know, but who Is a Witch

i have been dwelling for days trying to write the words to this blog post, because there are so many profound angles and synchronicitys to it all. So i am just going to ramble on and tell it.

To supplement my meager SSD and pension incomes i am in the buy-sell-trade business and run it out of the back of my jeep. I dumpster dive, stop at places with lots of “junk” in the yard, meet a lot of interesting people that way, go to yard sales, go to store front buy-sell-trade stores, find stuff along the road, dig up stuff in old forgotten dumps, etc etc etc. I make a little extra money that way, but also find some treasures i cannot part with and make some Incredible deals. My specialties are old iron tools, antiques furniture, and religious iconography. It keeps me busy and distracted and gives me something to do. I have also found that the “common man/woman” usually has more integrity than many “witches” i have met over the decades, though there are a handful of wonderful, truth telling, incredibly beautiful and serious witches i know too. I am blessed by their friendship.

A couple months ago i stopped at an open garage in an alley and met TJ, and we almost immediately took a liking to each other. I picked his garage and cellar and he made some money, he being unemployed d/t breaking his arm and being let go of his job. He knows how to do electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc etc etc skills and he is my handyman now for jobs here and at the red lodge that i do not have the skill or strength to do.

The first time i met TJ something in his garage prompted me to admit to being a Witch and he said his sister Teala was a witch, and her sister, and his late godmother were also Witches, not book learned witches, but Real Witches, solitaries with BOSs and deeply into Nature. Teala was only 28 years old and very very ill with some mysterious illness and had been transferred to various specialty hospitals to figure out what was wrong with her. She grew weaker and eventually went into respiratory arrest and was soon brain dead. They decides wisely to pull her off the ventilator and expected her to pass soon, but it took about a day and a half, as these things often do. You know i have worked in medicine all my life, and in the emergency department, and critical care, and run ALS etc etc so i know the patterns. Now anyone who regularly reads this and the BSSS blog knows that i am a Witch who also practices Tibetan Buddhism and have empowerments into Chod and Powa (Wiki them) and the Rite of Passage in Witchcraft, and initiation into the Cult of Anubis, so i know how to work with the dying and dead (no, i am Not a necromancer nor do i evoke the dead). I also am being trained into PA Dutch German Powwow by my fellow COC HPT “Dutch Jeff” and i have learned to work with the Bible in this healing and working so have lots of old Bibles. Whilst picking his garage the first day i found a red Bible, not old, but well used, dog eared, with passages underlined and circled and pages bookmarked. I asked for it and he had to ask a relative it belonged to.

So one day i drove by and his garage was open and he was working on a vehicle replacing the engine. He said i could have the Bible. He handed it to me. Immediately he received a phone call that Teala had passed. He went into the corner and talked and cried on the phone. I respectfully stepped out of the garage to give his privacy whilst i cried too, holding that Bible. Now in Powwow one often just opens it to whatever page opens to skry a passage of relevance that G_d has for me today. When he was off the phone i opened the Bible on a table and it opened to the 23rd Psalm. Read it. I read it to me holding him and we both cried and i substituted her name into the passage. “Yea though i walk through the shadow of death, i shall fear no evil, and i shall dwell in the house of the (Goddess) forever.” We both cried and cried over a young woman whom i had never met. Then he had to walk up the alley to tell her mum that she had died. I left with that Bible after offering what i could to help him and her and their family.

Later my brother found the obituary in my mum’s newspaper, photographed it and emailed it to me. Her funeral was to be in about a week after her cremation at the local VFW instead of a church of course.

Teala Nornhold Obit - Copy

Edited for privacy

I arrived at the service and talked to her sister Sasha, also a Witch, and offered to do the Rite of Passage from my hand copied Book of Shadows which i copied from my teacher, Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue’s, BOS. She negotiated with relatives who all knew Teala was a witch though some were nominal Christians as i did not want to push my way in and offend anyone. They all said yes let that stranger (the only person i knew there was TJ) High Priest do the ritual a Witch has done when she passed over to the next world and reincarnation. I did not dress in a robe but was well dressed in what i call my black wedding and funeral suit. They had set up a table with her pictures as a shrine to remember her as she was, the pictures being below.

Teala  RIP 31 Jan 2014 (4)

Teala  RIP 31 Jan 2014 (2)

I did the opening blessing of salt and water and blessed myself, Teala who helped me by slowing ringing a bell the whole time, and the maybe 50 relatives there. The bar tender of the room rented at the VFW made me put my athame away because of course one cannot display a gun or knife in a bar in PA, so i used my index and middle finger in a mudra instead. I borrowed a salt shaker and water in a plastic cup. Witches make due. I did not have a black and astral colour candle, so used a black lighter and silver lighter. The ritual is only one page long and i read it out loud and i Immediately felt Teala’s spirit right there at the table shrine. I also felt Dr Santee and Anubis behind me.

Mission accomplished. I did my duty as an elder Witch High Priest and helped a Witch i never met, doing a ritual in front of mostly strangers.One last profound moment. After the ritual whilst having a beer a relative bought me i noticed a guy sitting along at the bar looking rather forlorn. I went over and talked with him and found out he was her boyfriend and he did not know many of the relative there too. He was nursing a rum and coke. I had already asked for some of the table centerpiece purple and white flowers for my shrine, and asked for a red flower to give him. He refused but i tucked it into his shirt. Later i saw him smelling that flower like it was his Teala and tears come to my eyes even now seeing that moment.

A Witch friend asked why i would publish this on the COC blog since it is not about the COC i assume, but it is, as this blog post in entitled – The Duties of a Witch High Priestess and High Priest for a Wiccan Rite of Passage even for someone you do not know, but who Is a Witch.  Teala  RIP 31 Jan 2014 (3)

Teala in a photo shoot by her sister Sasha

Teala  RIP 31 Jan 2014 (1)

A shrine i set up in my Witch Temple with a Picture Sasha gave me.

15 Feb (1)

This long cold winter many relatives of friends have passed on, or are circling the drain as we used to say in the ICU. We are all going to die some day, whether young or old, peacefully or in pain, ready or not. Like Carlos Castaneda said once, and i paraphrase, go through life aware that Death is always there on your left shoulder. Live one day, one hour at a time.

One thing i forgot. Because of the state of her body she could not donate organs, but did donate her lily white skin, so many many burn victims and skin cancer victims are benefiting. Thank you Teala

May the Goddess and God of our Faith Bless the woman and witch Teala on her journey to the Summerlands or wherever she wants to go before she is reincarnated into a country and family where our Faith is tolerated. So Mote It Be. SMSBFZ 3rd* HPT COC.


All photographs copyright GLHoke and Sasha 2015 except for the Tumblr image above, and Please, do Not try to use FB facial recognition to probe farther into this private affair!


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  1. I needed to read this today! I stumbled on your blog today, chose to read it first from my newsfeed, having one of those days when life feels dull and I feel like I am not doing enough in my life, and wondering if anything I do has enduring and positive effects on other peoples’ lives. I recently have been feeling sad for someone Christian who considers me a spiritual threat, only because I’m a convenient scapegoat after her former friends excluded her from their business after I joined them in paranormal investigations. Long story short: I had nothing to do with her dismissal, it was her own fault because of her intolerance towards people of all diverse beliefs, and the group I joined prior to her shunning does not tolerate people with prejudice towards different people. Since I joined, positive changes have taken place, and the spirits have shown their pleasure in many ways. Yet I know this ignorant, hateful woman is in pain…

    We do what we can for those who are not Witches, and, I, too, reach out and am on a mission of love for all those who are in pain whether or not I know them, simply because they are my brothers and sisters related to us all in that all-inclusive spiritual connection that unites us all as human, and temporarily earthbound.

    In light of reading your experience (thank you so much for sharing this, and I appreciate how much strength it takes to write it, because as you do so, you relive it) and the coming new moon, it is good to help release feelings of my inadequacy and realize that a Witch’s mission of love includes all people, that even in death our souls even “hand pick” (like Teala did you) our Priest/esses to comfort our friends and families. We also should never hesitate to tell our stories! Ours are also universal, yet what is most unique is there are those of us who heed the calling in our hearts to serve as clergy — in the way things fall into place in mysterious ways! We’re not contacted via the phone book, it just happens! Yet not out of a vacuum, a soul like Teala needed you, her family needed you, and it may seem coincidental to some, but it all fell in line with this ordinary hobby you do.

    When you’re a priest/ess, even when “off-duty”, you never really are, and as human representatives of the God/dess, they work through us. So, in conclusion, reading what you wrote… it uplifted me today! I can really lift up my head and not feel sorry for myself, stop thinking that my joining a group put someone else in pain, or was cause for her illness.

    Sometimes we come into other peoples’ lives as healers — “damage control” as some would say but really I prefer “healers” — we are the folk counselors, the peoples’ priests.

    So happy, brother, to know you in spirit. Be blessed.

    • Valentina – i just read this and there are many profound insights in yr comment but it is almost 4am and i will comment more on this tomorrow. i have saved it as a Word doc on my desktop so it is in my face tomorrow morning. Thank you for being one of the two or three who will comment on this post, though 300 or so will read it. Blessings of the Great Spirit who is right beside us in this and future lives, whether we see or hear or feel then,

      • Thank you! I know how it is, replying and reading at 4am. I do a lot of that, too. Take care and keep writing.

        • I was having a lonely moment the other night and actually texted people from around the world knowing even though it was 4am here it would not be such around the world where some of my followers are from England, France, Germany, Australia etc. TY for being a loyal follower and commenter, very rare for me to get any comments on what i write. But i write or Me more than for others. BTW i found a guy who knew Dr Santee, practices native shamanism to some degree, and has tens of thousands of AmerIndian artifacts, some of which i bought for a steal, fully documented and assessed by museums in this country. I will be uploading those photos and a huge panoramic video of his museum in his house which may end up being too many GB to load, but we shall see. Stay tuned and blessings upon you and yours. Shawnus

          • Dear Shawnus: I know now you have passed, but the last words you wrote me have louder meaning for me now. I feel a lot less lonely in the moments I spend alone either online or offline with my lovely cats — I did not get to tell you before you left this world that I have adopted yet another new cat! — and I’ve become stronger in my dealings with people who are less inclined toward tolerating our beliefs. Over last April I was rejected by yet another group of silly New Age spiritualists for me being, well, my Witch self, and even though it took me many months to get through feeling like I failed people because I exhibited an angry attitude towards being shunned, I realized it was a blessing to be released from a group that secretly was disturbed by me. I need to be with more people like us…

            Or, simply, being solitary is the way of the Witch when she must make herself available for other living things who need love… or when she needs the most love after using a great amount of energy to help others.

            I shall miss our loving exchanges of words. I know you’re sorry, too, for missing, but I’ll do my best next to exchange words on the wind, now that we do not need the internet to upload them.

            Merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again, my friend.
            Your words have great meaning for me, always.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, I don’t know much about Wiccan rites of passage. I assume that such rites are taught in most covens? I guess death rites are particularly central in the Cult of Anubis?

    • I really don’t know much about other covens in the past having Rites of Passage but nowadays that Witchcraft is a recognized religion I guess people are writing them. To me each is personal like any funeral, and yes the Cult of Anpu was all about the Rites of Passage. Blessings Lorna.

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