My Teacher, Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue, Would Have Been 94 Today

Today is the birthday of Lady PAN, and as the title says she would have been 94 had she lived this long instead of passing 5 December 2005, so this December she will be gone for 10 years. I loved that Lady, my Teacher of Witchcraft. I am going to try to paste into this post a short bio from a Word doc which is in the booklets I have written about the Coven of the Catta.

Lady Triumphant

Lady Phoebe Athena Nimue
Edna Jane Kishbaugh Williams

© 2009 Coven of the Catta / Gary Lee Hoke


Born: 13 April 1921 Berwick, Pennsylvania
Died: 5 December 2005 Berwick, Pennsylvania

Parents: Edgar and Mary Slusser Kishbaugh (deceased)
Brothers: Ethan and Ralph Kisbaugh (deceased)
Husband: Dale Williams Deceased 2/22/1998

Funeral: Wesley United Methodist Church, Nescopeck, Pa.
Burrial: Pine Grove Cemetery, Wanut Street, Berwick, Pa.

Soulmate: Dr. Frederick LaMotte Santee Deceased 4/11/1980
(See separate biography of Dr. Santee for more about his life)

Janee with Cat

She met Dr. Santee in 1956 and was his receptionist-secretary at the Santee Medical office and Santee Memorial Library in Wapwallopen, Pa. She wrote a column in the local newspaper called “The Witches Kettle”. She also wrote and edited a local publication entitled “The Cat’s Tale”. In 1967 she and Dr. Santee and others were initiated into the Witchcraft Lineage of the Coven of the Horsa by the late Sybil Leek from the New Forest area in England. Dr. Santee had previously been initiated into various magickal and Wiccan lineages from England, Germany, Italy, and France including the Golden Dawn, Rosicrucians, and the Illuminati. She has said that she remembers previous lives, one of which was as the wife of an Indian chief who lived along the Susquehanna many years ago.

At that point she (as Lady Phoebe Athena Nimue) and Dr. Santee (as Lord Merlin) then founded the Coven of the Catta in Wapwallopen which continued until Santee’s death on 4/11/1980. The Covenstead was originally in the basement of his house where he practiced medicine. Then next to his house he built a library which was stocked with over 20,000 books including tomes from the 1500s, books of the Greek and Roman classics, and an occult section. In the back of the bookhouse was a room used as the temple of the Coven of the Catta.

A year later in 1981 students from the Harrisburg area, following an ad in a national Wiccan paper, contacted and met Lady Phoebe and the two remaining witches of her coven. The bookhouse had been robbed and a fire set to cover the robbery, and the temple was piled full of the doctor’s stuff recovered from his house which had been sold. We cleaned all that up, repainted the three circles on the floor, and started learning from her and doing rituals with students from the local area and from the Harrisburg area. We would drive almost 100 miles 8 times or more a year to hold ritual and for me to copy her Books of Shadows. The Coven of the Catta continues to this day.

Janee (7)

And here are some other pictures someone shared with me years ago from his Aunt who lived in Wapwallopen, but i do not know her name to attribute them to her, if she is even alive.

Janee (2) Janee (5) Janee (6) Janee (7) Janee (8)


6 thoughts on “My Teacher, Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue, Would Have Been 94 Today

  1. She had the sweetest face and such great legs…no doubt Dr. Santee had his fill of eye candy from her, alone! That was a lovely and sweet tribute to Lady PAN…very sentimental and loving.

    • Yes she surely did have a great smile, but you would not like to see her eye brows raised if you did or said something she did not approve of LOL, and her legs were just gorgeous. At the top of her one thigh was the three pentagrams and crescent moon of her third degree, something everyone in our coven now gets wherever they want. I just updated with more pics, so Enjoy and Blessed Be Das Boot……

  2. I love all of these old photos from the ’60s
    Ah, for the pre-nuclear powerplant days in rural Wapwallopen!

  3. Hello, I just want to say that I was lucky enough to meet Miss Edna Jane before she passed. I worked and took care of her at the Berwick Retirement Village where she resided until she passed away. Her and I became close I would like to think! She was a very nice woman who shared many stories of her past with me. I am very grateful to have known her.

    • Yes Lady Alsace and i visited her there about a month before she passed. TY for taking care of her. I have worked in health care all my adult life and know a good helper when i see one. She was quite a woman for sure and is still flying around on the astral even yet. If you want to contact me directly my addy is and once you email me then i will give u my phone number. BTW i was just up in Wap for the weekend doing some AmerIndian excavations, visiting Doc’s grave etc, which i will blog post soon on my other BSSS blog. BB. Shawnus

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