A Blessed Winter Solstice to all !

winterpondA Blessed Winter Solstice to all on this longest darkest night of the year. As in many Wiccan Traditions we of the Coven of the Catta on this night celebrate the birth of the Divine Child of Promise to the Goddess , symbolizing the light and hope that will lead us through the Winter and forward to Spring.  In the ancient Zoroastrian faith the birth of Mithra was also celebrated on this night symbolizing light , goodness and strength to the earth. Lord Shawnus loved and deeply appreciated the universal aspects of spirituality , the things that seemingly different paths and currents share at their heart and have in common. He believed that those things which link us all together,  regardless of Tradition or Faith , were most important rather than focusing on the things that divide us. So let us remember on this Solstice night when a Full Cold Moon waxes to culminate on the 25th of December , when those of the Christian faith celebrate the birth of the Christ Child , the things that link us together and that we share rather than the things that divide us. No matter the path we follow let us focus on the true meanings and gifts of this very special time of year, those of Hope , Peace and the Triumph of the Light in all of it’s many and varied forms and manifestations. Blessed Be , Aren

4 thoughts on “A Blessed Winter Solstice to all !

  1. Thank you for posting this. Lord Shawnus was a wise, open minded and forward thinking man. His physical presence is still greatly missed but his words, thoughts and ideas are still a bright light for those with the eyes to see. Cassie, Sophie & Tina

    • Thank you Cassie and Sophie ! That is beautiful and very true. Lord Shawnus is greatly missed, but his light and the ways he touched our lives live on in our memories and in his words and the amazing photos he took and posted on here to share with all. BB , Aren

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