In Honor

Today would have been the 63rd birthday of Lord Shawnus Merlin Belarion  , Elder High Priest of the Coven of the Catta. He was to many of us an amazing friend and teacher who always gave freely of his time , laughter and knowledge. He also touched many lives through his writing , blogs and photography and we are all of us the richer for having known him as a friend and a teacher and a true High Priest of the Goddess. He was called too soon to the Summerland and he is greatly missed. Lord Shawnus embraced life fully and found joy in each day even when his health in later years at times made that a struggle. Today sadly he is no longer with us in the world of form to celebrate his birth, but we can all of us who knew him celebrate his life and memory. What is remembered, lives. BB, Aren
No Description5 March (15) 


5 thoughts on “In Honor

  1. Thank you for the lovely, honorable post, Aron. I was wondering why I had such a strong pull towards Bastet today…I’m fairly sure Lord Shawnus was nearby! Blessed Be!

  2. Did a working today on his Natal Day, stirred up some shared energy.

  3. Love the picture of G. with the “Blue Juniata” behind him.

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