A Blessed Spring Equinox to all !


The Great Wheel has turned bringing us to the Vernal Equinox and Spring’s rebirth.  On this sacred day celebrated by peoples all over the world in different ways and under different names , though with a similar underlying meaning , we see the hours of daytime and nighttime standing poised and equal in length as the season of darkness wanes and the season of light waxes and days grow longer . For those of the Christian faith this time of year brings us to Easter and the Resurrection of Christ , while we Pagans celebrate the fruition of the promise of Natures rebirth and resurrection from Winters hold which was given and initiated at Candlemas. As with many aspects of Spirituality the outer forms may seem to differ though the inner meanings ring true and universal, for in this time of year whether Pagan or Christian we celebrate a time of resurrection and rebirth. I was not raised a Christian so much of it’s liturgy is not wholly familiar to me but my teacher and friend Lord Shawnus loved to attend Easter service when he could as well as celebrating the Traditional Sabbat and saw in both the same expression of the Light which is Universal. This way of seeing things and embracing the best of all faiths is a lesson that he taught which I treasure and always will. So whether this time of year see’s us celebrating during Sunday services or giving thanks to the Goddess for Her renewal of the Earth through Her and Her Consorts love and union , whether we dye colorful Easter eggs or the older more complex Pysanky of Ukrainian origin symbolizing fertility , protection and the cycles of birth , death and rebirth ; let us try and honor and embrace all the Blessings and meanings of this special time of new beginnings and Natures rebirth. BB , Aren