A Blessed Beltane to All from the Coven of The Catta and Lady Ember Willow Hawk 3*

28 August (11)

 The Great Wheel of the Year has turned again bringing us to Beltane where Springs promise has been realized , nature coming fully to life. This time of year the forests and wild places are teaming with life both among plants and animals. The Fae also are believed to be especially active at this time. As Samhain is the time when the veil between worlds is most thin and the Mighty Dead draw close , so Beltane mirrors it also being tied to the realm of Spirit, though more with the Fae and Nature Spirits than to the Ancestors and Beloved Dead we honor in the All Hallows rites. So it’s fitting that at this time when we here in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate Beltane and light the traditional fires to honor the Gods and Spirits of Nature, those in Southern Hemisphere are celebrating Samhain also kindling scared fires honoring the Gods and sprits of the Might Dead. It is indeed, regardless of your place in the world ,a time to honor life and Spirit in all it’s forms.
Similar to the Floralia of ancient Rome ,when the Goddess Flora was honored for the fertility of the earth and the emerging buds and vegetation, at Beltane we honor the coming together of the Great Goddess and God and the fertility of their union shown and made manifest in the flourishing of nature and life. Lord Shawnus greatly loved Beltane as it was then that the warmer weather was starting to finally take hold where he lived and he could better get out to enjoy the forest he loved. So this Sabbat always held a special place in his heart that he passed on to all of us.
Beltane has long been linked and celebrated with bonfires and the traditional May pole rites and village dances, so it is a good time to if possible gather fallen tree limbs and debris and use them to light and feed the Beltane fires. In the COC we sometimes instead of the traditional May Pole make use of a besom , or besoms , in it’s place and due to the phallic ends with which they are carved the symbolism works very well.
This is a time to celebrate life and nature and the Sacred Union of the God and Goddess that makes this possible. As the Beltane fires burn bright may the light of the Green Goddess and Her Consort bless us all.