A Blessed Summer Solstice from the Coven of the Catta and Lady Ember Willow Hawk 3rd*

crystal altar north

  The Great Wheel of the Year has turned again bringing us to the Summer Solstice.  Today the Sun reaches it’s zenith in the heavens and stands in strength giving us the longest day of the year and shortest night ,but on this night we see something rare , a Full Moon also rising to it’s height on the Solstice. So on this day the celestial symbols of the Divine Masculine and Feminine ,the Great God and Goddess , will share the heavens in balance. During the day the Sun will illuminate the sky and earth and tonight the Moon will do the same casting it’s light upon us all. This makes for a doubly sacred time and one to be celebrated with joy. It was traditional also at this time when the Sun stood at it’s strongest to gather protective herbs to make charms to protect the home and hearth, with the thought in mind that as all things cycle so too now after this Solstice do the days begin to grow shorter. This was also a time to protect livestock and cattle and one way the Pennsylvania Dutch did this was the use of Hex Signs on their barns to bring good fortune and protection. Lord Shawnus living in Pennsylvania dearly loved the symbolism and beauty of the old Hex Signs and would make beautiful ones drawn on glass plates which he later hung by doorways or gave away as gifts. The early Pennsylvania Dutch had their own beliefs , practices and folklore but the symbolism of the Hex Signs are universal and can be used and appreciated by all. As the Sun and Moon illuminate all on this Sacred Day we of the Coven of the Catta wish everyone a Blessed Solstice. BB, Aren
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