A Blessed Lammas from the Coven of the Catta and Lady Ember Willow Hawk 3rd*

SS 6-2011-3

The Great Wheel of the Year has turned bringing us to Lammas , the first of the great harvest festivals. This is a time to give thanks to the Goddess and Her Consort for the fruits born of the seeds we have sown , whether they be physical or spiritual. This is a time for abundance and celebration. The sun however did reach it’s height at Midsummer and now as the light and days begin to grow shorter moving us towards the Dark Half of the year it is also a time to prune away and release the seeds , physical and otherwise , that have not born fruit and would hinder us.
In the CoC we at Lammas honor the bounty of the land and also Invoke the Goddess Persephone giving honor to the Lady in Her aspect as Goddess of Vegetation. The honoring of Persephone at Harvest and Fall and Her return at Candlemas was added to the coven BOS many years ago by Lord Shawnus and has since stood the test of time and adds a special resonance with the yearly cycle.
In addition this year at Lammas we have a New Moon rising in the area of the sky known as Ashlesha. The Deities for Ashlesha in Vedic astrology are the Nagas , the Serpents of Wisdom who were deeply honored and loved by Lord Shawnus and as the new moon in Ashlesha Nakshatra also opens up the Shravan month celebrating the victory of Lord Shiva it would have been an especially sacred time for him. He always sought to instill in all of us , friends and students alike , a deep appreciation and reverence for systems and beliefs both East and West and this like his memory lives on in all of us. Wishing everyone a Blessed Lammas and Bountiful Harvest ! BB, Aren