A Blessed Samhain to All from the Coven of The Catta and Lady Ember Willow Hawk 3rd*


The Great Wheel of the Year has turned again bringing us to Samhain and the thin veil , when the doors to the Summerland swing open allowing us to feel the presence of the Mighty Dead and those we have known and loved who have passed beyond. Tonight we stand in between the old year and the new, and the Lady’s Consort takes up the mantle to see us safely through the coming Winter.Though this is a solemn time it is also one meant for celebration, so as candles are kindled on our altars in honor and remembrance of departed friends and loved ones others glint merrily through Jack-O’-Lantern eyes. On this Samhian night we of the coven of the Catta also honor the lives and memories of the founders of our coven and lineage : Sybil Leek , Lord Merlin , Lady Phoebe and especially Lord Shawnus Merlin Belarion who was a Dear Friend and Teacher to us all. What is remembered lives. Wishing a Blessed Samhain to all ! BB,  Aren