A Blessed Yule to All from the Coven of The Catta and Lady Ember Willow Hawk 3rd*


 The Great Wheel has turned again bringing us to Yule , the Winter Solstice. In times past fires were kindled on this night to revitalize the Sun in the hope that the warmer times would come again, now we continue this practice to symbolize that even on this longest darkest night of the year we carry hope for the future and warmth inside us.
 Back in the 1970’s there was a small newsletter circulated within the Coven of the Catta contributed to by Lady Phoebe , Lord Merlin , Lady Alsace and many others called The Cat’s Tale. I was recently looking though an old copy and saw where Lord Merlin , Doc Santee,  was asked what his favorite time of the year and favorite Sabbat was and why. His reply was this : “Yule , It is a reflective ritual. You seem to be getting together and discussing situations of the dark season. Yule is the most meditative of the rituals. The whole spirit of Yule is total darkness, reflective and meditative. A time to look back over past achievements and also looking to see what the future will bring. “
To me that is a perfect description of this time of year and of this seasonal tide. This darker, colder season brings with it introspection ; looking within and seeing what is there. We are taught to be ruthless with ourselves in terms of self awareness and knowledge. Temet Nosce was inscribed over the door of the old covenstead and was also a phrase Lord Shawnus loved and taught to us all , to know ourselves , dark and bright , the hopes and fears and all that lies in between as they are not always as separate as we might comfortably like to think. This too though is a time of year to keep hope in our hearts. In our practices as there is severity in this way of knowing yourself so there too must be gentleness to balance it , severity and mercy.
 Lord Shawnus loved the universality of things , how seemingly different ideas , philosophies and faiths at their heart shared far more in common than they differed. This time of year that rings most true I think.  So on this darkest night we will all of us in many different ways join together to focus on the things that makes this time of year sacred : Hope , Love and Peace which are universal. Tonight we gather together to kindle lights upon the altar and honor the Great Goddess as She gives birth to the newborn Child of Promise, also in the coming days others will gather together to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child. We all of us in our own ways kindle light and hope within us and share it with those whose lives we share and touch and I can’t think of a better gift to give this Yule. Wishing a Happy and Blessed Yule to all ! BB, Aren

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  1. All the best of the season to you and yours. Blessings, Cassie, Sophie, Tina

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