A Blessed Candlemas to All from the Coven of The Catta and Lady Ember Willow Hawk 3rd*


The Great Wheel of Year has turned bringing us to Candlemas , the feast of waxing light. Now we see the promise of what will later be the quickening of Spring and the first signs that Winter’s end is in sight. In the COC during this Sabbat we banish the shades of Winter ,to make way for the return of the Sun and warmer days. Also at this time we celebrate the return of the Goddess Persephone from the underworld, as was added to the covens BOS by Lord Shawnus. It was during this ritual he made a practice of having the image of the Goddess draped with a white veil that he later removed after the Goddess was invoked symbolizing Her return. Though we still are technically in the Dark half of the year and snow still covers the ground in many areas the promise of Spring and warmer times draws closer and hopefully this will be a Bright and Blessed time for all. BB, Aren

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