A Blessed Spring Equinox to All from the Coven of The Catta and Lady Ember Willow Hawk 3rd*

The Great Wheel of the Year has turned bringing us to the Spring Equinox or Alban Eilir as it is known in some traditions meaning “The Light of the Earth”. Today we emerge fully from the darkness of Winter and stand in balance between the Light and Dark halves of the year as day and night are equal, with the Light waxing and growing ever stronger as we move forward. We begin to see now the fruition of the promise of new life that was initiated at Candlemas coming into being as the days grow brighter and warmer. In days past this was a time to petition the Goddess to bless and safeguard the crops and newly born animals and even now we can include this in our celebrations in some form or fashion. Nature greatly needs our assistance in both preserving and caring for it and now as it begins to blossom and emerge from it’s slumber what better time to think of how we can do this each in our own way.  Wishing a Blessed and Happy Spring to all. BB, Aren