A Blessed Beltane to All from the Coven of the Catta and Lady Ember Willow Hawk 3r*

 The year marches on bringing us now to Beltane , one of the great fire festivals, and one rich in history and symbolism. One of the most well know aspects of the May Day celebrations is the Maypole , that like Beltane itself, has more than one meaning. In times past the Maypole has been seen as a phallic symbol tying it in to the fertility aspects of this time of year and celebration , though to some it has also had a deeper meaning representing the Tree of Life or World Tree itself. I still remember in elementary school there being a Maypole on May 1st and us dancing around it in the playground ,though I can only guess sometime in the late 1980’s or 1990’s someone in the school systems looked to their history and taking the old world symbolism into account stopped the practice and it fell by the wayside. Beltane has always been seen as a time to celebrate Fertility and in Wicca we see this as a time to honor the coming together and union of the Goddess and God , but it also has another meaning not always as well acknowledged in that it in many ways is the mirror of Samhain and a time when the veil between the spirit and physical world also thins. Indeed as we are celebrating Beltane in the Northern Hemisphere in the Southern Hemisphere Samhain is being celebrated. So while it is a time to honor the union of the Goddess and Her Consort and enjoy the fertile nature of the woodlands showing life everywhere, it also is a time to honor the thin veil and the spirits that on this night also will be active. Sometimes in the past in the COC an actual maypole was erected for the rites , but also at times the besoms were used for this as the phallic nature of way they are carved fits well for that. Wishing everyone a Bright and Blessed Beltane. BB, Aren