A Blessed Lammas to All from the Coven of the Catta and Lady Ember Willow Hawk 3rd*

The Great Wheel turns bringing us to Lammas , or Lughnasad as it is also called, and we come together to celebrate the first of the great Harvest festivals of the year. On our altars in the COC to honor this celebration we add bowls of fruit , a loaf of freshly baked bread and sheaves or small bundles of wheat in which we see the mysteries of our God , the Consort of the Goddess , who walks the path of Life as do we resting in the Summerland for a time and being reborn by the Lady’s Grace in the Dark of the Year on the longest night. Though this is a time of Harvest and honoring the abundance that Nature has to offer it also is a time when the bounty of Spring and Summer has largely come to fruition and we begin to make way towards the darker half of the year. Though the majority of us here in the present no longer rely on the fruits and grains we have ourselves planted and harvested from the earth as our ancestors once did it is still a time to honor the past and to begin gathering what fruits ,herbs and plants we may have need of later in the year and carefully canning , drying , preparing and storing them for later use. This is though a time of celebration and that cannot be forgotten so the altar lays full with natures bounty and dancing and merry making are a common theme regardless of Tradition. In the COC we either dance with besoms pointed inwards towards the circles center like the spokes of a great wheel or with right hand on the shoulder of the covener in front , celebrating the bright harvest and the deeper meanings of this time of year. So as we harvest the results of the seeds we have planted , both physical and otherwise, this is a time to preserve what has flourished and release what has not. Wishing everyone a Harvest rich in Blessings. BB, Aren


2 thoughts on “A Blessed Lammas to All from the Coven of the Catta and Lady Ember Willow Hawk 3rd*

  1. I have just started reading your blog from the start, and just wished to say hello. I read the first blog about your Coven and your lineage, interesting. I look forward to reading some more about your Coven Of The Catta and what your blog has to offer. I`m sure this will not be the only comment I make, as I enjoy extending my knowledge. Blessed Be.

    • Thank you Orion , I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. Lord Shawnus created it to share with everyone some of the history and things about our coven that he loved. Blessed Be, Aren

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