Guest Post by Apprentice Acolyte Frater Aren – Why the Coven of the Catta Makes our Evoking and Invoking Pentagrams Starting at the Spirit Point

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Apprentice Acolyte Frater Aren 0* COC

I have been making my pentagrams for the four directions, evoking the Archangels therein, in a certain way for 33+ years. I know that in the G.’.D.’. and before that Freemasonry and after that Crowley they attributed certain elements to the points of the pentagram. It looked like, in their method, we in the Coven of the Catta, starting the pentagram at the top point then tracing clockwise to the bottom right etc,  were Evoking the element Fire, which made sense and which is appropriate for Witchcraft and working to connect with the Spirit through the elements to eventually make a Cone of Power to Heal people (the prime working of our Coven then, now and in the future).

My friend JJ and Apprentice Aren came up with this brilliant insight based on his having read 99% of every book on Witchcraft since he was a teenager, which is almost three decades of books from the earliest to the most recent, spanning probably the cunning man and witch healer shameness from anthropological works going back to 5000bce to Gardner/Valiente etc up to the older writers like the Farrars. He has made a Key Connection with the Aurum Solis writings, which i seem to remember were also in Dr Santee’s library and which i have read since then but not putting together this connection, to the Coven of the Catta’s method of making the evoking and invoking pentagrams in a certain way that are not G.’.D.’. per se but evolved out of them from the Masons to Freemasons to Aurum Solic even through Crowley and the Ordo Templi Orientis in their German line through Doc Santee aka Merlin to the COC through many many skilled insightful witch Pries/esses up to we who still practice this system today, a chain unbroken. (sorry for these long comman punctuated sentences written late last night which i am trying to clean up a little in the light of day).

I am just going to past his synopsis by email straight into this post, and kudos and praise to AA for his weaving data to reality. So, to get back to the point, why does the Coven of the Catta make our pentagrams this way? Well, read on. Like i said this insight and connection hit me like a rock, Duh, after 33+ years if questioning it and where it came from but i know for me it works so i guess i am just being OCD cerebral ceremonial magickally anal retentive ADD all these years but then besides my natural tendencies that is also how i was trained to be by Lady Phoebe. I did the pentagrams the way my teacher Lady Phoebe taught me, not questioning why, and she had them formulated not by Sybil Leek that i know of but apparently by that Master Magickian who had been all across Great Britain and old Europe having been initiated into (well read my book for the full long list) all that was out there in England, Germany, France, Italy and Northern Africa). OK i will stop rambling and present out guest post from Frater Aren –


Evoking and Invoking Pentagrams of the Coven of the Catta

by Apprentice Acolyte Frater Aren 0*

“Recently I was reading back through a very unique BOS published by the Tetian Press several years ago in a relatively small private printing. The tradition described, reading between the lines and going by similarities in the rituals and circle casting procedures also referenced in Persuasions of the Witche’s Craft by T.M. Luhrmann , seems to date back to one of the older BTW Covens in the UK and at the very least dates back to a coven active and practicing in the 1970’s in Surrey per the authors description . I was struck by the fact that the invoking pentagram drawn by the coven seemed to be that of a banishing earth pentagram though it was called a sign of invoking. This struck me as being very curious and at first I thought perhaps it was simply due to the influence of the Lesser Banishing and Invoking rituals of the Pentagram historically given to new students in the Golden Dawn Society but that sent me off in another direction the more I looked and brought to mind how we in the COC draw the invoking pentagrams to all four quarters when calling upon the Mighty ones and Archangels using what “appears” to be an invoking fire pentagram. In the COC I at first assumed that the invoking fire pentagrams were used because when calling upon the archangels you were calling upon Higher Beings of Light and so fire seemed an appropriate element but the more I looked I thought maybe there was more, so I went back to the original template that I had first seen years ago when starting to study witchcraft and magick which was the Golden Dawn method of drawing the invoking and banishing pentagrams upon the air. To be honest this method has always seemed rather cumbersome to me and though I respect its etheric ties and associations there are inconsistencies. This by accident led me to another society , and set of correspondences , known as the Aurum Solis , founded in England in 1897. In this tradition we see a much different and simpler method of drawing an invoking and banishing pentagram , by starting at the point of the element you wish to invoke and them moving clockwise through the drawing of the pentagram back to the starting point , and to banish beginning at the point of the element in question and moving counter clockwise through the drawing of the pentagram back to the starting point. This to me seemed to resonate and also seemed to answer, or at least raise a possible answer , to my earlier questions about the “seeming” banishing earth pentagram in the BTW BOS , as in the Aurom Solis method, this would in fact be an invoking earth pentagram , beginning at the earth point and moving clockwise up to Spirit , down to Fire ,etc. This also and most importantly led me back the the COC invoking pentagram ; seemingly an invoking fire pentagram per the Golden Dawn set of correspondences but from the Aurom Solis method it would actually be an invoking Spirit pentagram which made perfect sense given the covens use and method involving it. Is this right ? Correct ? Who knows but to me it answers the questions I had  quiets my OCD and makes an interesting kind of sense.”