Tasseomancy – a Blog Post from Sarah Anne Lawless

One of the elder HPSs in our Coven, Lady Alsace Isa Brie, was born in Australia and grew up a “bush baby” out in the wilds playing with lizards and such. When she grew older some Gypsies were passing through and she learned the Artes of reading palms, tea leaves and regular playing cards. She is amazing and starts “reading” you as soon as you come in the door, then reads your palm as the tea is brewing, then you have a cup of that tea with her until, like you wrote, a teaspoon is left with the leaves, which she then reads. BTW I remember somewhere some small booklet i saw one time that explained what the shapes mean in the leaves. Then she does a reading with her regular playing cards, the whole session lasting about 1.5-2 hours. Since i am her HPT she never takes money from me, but using the bathroom to refresh before my 2 hour drive home when i can i hide a $20 spot somewhere on the sink LOL. Blessings Sarah and TY for this post which i will link in an upcoming post.

Enjoy, and Blessed Be !

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

11 Jan (7)

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Here is a great post from Sarah Anne Lawless on the old arte of Tasseomancy which is the reading of one’s fortune by tea leaves and she also writes on reading with regular playing cards  http://sarahannelawless.com/2015/04/02/tasseomancy/#comment-15975

And here is my comment on her blog post –

One of the elder HPSs in our Coven, Lady Alsace Isa Brie, was born in Australia and grew up a “bush baby” out in the wilds playing with lizards and such. When she grew older some Gypsies were passing through and she learned the Artes of reading palms, tea leaves and regular playing cards. She is amazing and starts “reading” you as soon as you come in the door, then reads your palm as the tea is brewing, then you have a cup of that tea with her until, like you wrote, a teaspoon is left…

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A Few Weeks in the life of an Appalachian Witch early to mid November 2014

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

A few weeks in the life of an Appalachian Witch.

Ran into a worker at the local hardware who had this tat which in Korean means i think “the crazy life”. Loved it. LOL  12-16 Nov 2014 (16)

Got zero sleep, drove north to visit several people, arrived at dawn at Lady EWH’s place and she had this cool fake flame of paper waving upwards in a cauldron hanging in the dawn window and thought it pretty cool.

12-16 Nov 2014 (19)

Still having no sleep i ventured on to Council Cup, the large mountain overlooking Wapwallopen where the Covenstead was. I had not been up there for decades when Lady Phoebe took me and our Priestess up to teach us how to draw the wind. It is a beautiful cold windy day with quite the view and directly across from the nuclear power plant so i got my glow on LOL. I tried to nap there unsuccessfully.

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A Visit to Dr Santee’s Grave

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

I filmed this a couple months ago on my cell phone, and recently upgraded the BSSS blog to Prime so i can upload videos, soooo, we shall see if it works on this blog or not. If not I will just delete it…. OK it does not load on the COC blog so i will try to load it here then reblog it there but doubt that will work. Enjoy and Blessed Be.

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Some rambling on festivals, devotions and change

Our coven uses the old Catholic names also for our cross quarter rituals, and i personally celebrate Michaelmas on the 27th and hope to attend the old German Lutheran church in the Burg and hope there is a Michael devotion there. We did not get together for Autumnal Equinox but some did their own rituals on their own. Since it was new moon i mostly did Tibetan Buddhist pujas. Of course the Big Ritual of All Hallows is coming up soon, and with the temp here of 42*F this am its definitely starting to look like fall. Thanks “A Forest Door” for your post and for the reblog here. BB.

The Story of Mabon

Thanks Rick for reminding us about giving thanks also for “what we have harvested” over the year from spring equinox or even Candlemass onwards. As we sew so shall we reap so to speak. Since i did not write a Mabon post i am gong to reblog yours so thank you and blessed be. Lee / Shawnus

Reliquary for the Mighty Dead – from the Manx Wytch Blog

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

skull painted new hopeAncestor Altar via Tumblr

please dont slip away dear

Luv U to Death via Tumblr

tumblr_mklfltI6Ld1s6w4f0o1_500La Muerte spiderweb eyes

Santa Le Lazaro Muerte and Santa Sima La Muerte – dedicated to JJ

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which is reblogged from the original site https://manxwytch.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/reliquary-for-the-mighty-dead/#comment-1733

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Very relevant as we approach slowly the Feast Day Sabat of All Hallows Eve, All Souls Day and All Saints Day. Funny, but i bought a small tree today 50% off and it is a cypress. Being a practitioner and initiate of various Vajrayana systems i am blessed with being the temporary caretaker of three Kapalas and one Kangling which are only used in our Witchcraft at All Hallows. I push the edge of bloodless Vodoun by working with Exu and Pomba Gira some Palo Lwa. Thank you for this post which i will reblog…

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Making a Besom

A very good article i will reblog to the COC and the BSSS blogs. I make my own besoms as instructed by my late teacher. Our besom is shoulder (though some go head high), the bark left on if oak like mine or stripped for other trees. The end is carved phallic and of course that is the end you hide with the broom part. My elder HPS lays her across the doorway for clients for readings Have to walk over, which stops negativity from entering or blocks them completely. A besom hung horizontally over the door does the same like a Damocles sword. Of course the stang is the Y shaped yoni female version of the besom. My teacher also taught me to point the bottom end as originally they were used as walking sticks and weapons going to Sabat at night in the woods to protect again wild dogs and other animals, like people. Some of the older besoms from our covenstead, which were left behind the altar when a witch had passed to remember and honour them, were of river birch or beech with a thin bark and they had carved into them in Theban or English the Coven of the Catta and their witch name. I have two of these and Lady Alsace has another one. I also have one Dutch Jeff cut from Doc Santee’s rowan he had planted between his house / doctor’s office and the bookhouse / library / covenstead with temple in the back. That tree is now gone and the bookhouse being tossed into a dumster so i am glad to have recovered some objects with permission of the present owner who is “scared of that witch stuff”. I told him to read my book. I know i ramble on here, and have posts on the besom at my blogs, but i also try not to kill a tree but cut a branch or Y piece, and leave offers of coppers and often some of my blood when hand hacking it with my bolline or a tool the bolline’s energy is transferred to like a bigger saw, but not a chain saw, LOL. We also cut them Beltane to Lammas when the sap is up then let them dry all summer then have them ready for All Hallows. Blessings on yr new besom!

Pilgrim's Way

IMG_4913Witchcraft isn’t something one does, it’s something one is…Magic becomes such an integral part of one’s life; it effortlessly and seamlessly weaves into the everyday and pretty soon the boundary between sacred and mundane vanishes (a good indication that you’re doing something right!). If we look to our forebears for guidance we quickly see that an everyday functional form of magic was pretty much the form! Sure there were grimoires, the common assumption that most old time Witches were illiterate has been widely discredited and I’m sure more fancy magic was occasionally employed. For the most part however you made do with what was at your fingertips, flamboyant tools weren’t affordable and quite frankly I doubt that they got anywhere near as sentimentally attached to ‘stuff’ as we might today. Our ancestors were indeed practical but they were also cautious and ‘every day’ objects were a good means to hide…

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The Ordeal

Well i am Finally trying to catch up on everyone’s blog here. Re Initiations yea a lot of people have read a lot of initiation rituals in books before their initiation. For some it is good and for some it takes away the surprises. I have an old copy of Francis King’s “Secret Rituals of the OTO” that lists All the initiations completely even up to the highest 11th* though that is in coded language like “per vas neferum” etc, ouch. When i was first in the Caliphate OTO, though i secretly practiced the Typhonian system, the COTO wanted me to hand in King’s book and i was like Charleston Heston “you can pry it for my cold Illuminati hands” LOL. Nowadays Everyone know the Ordeals so no surprise, But, in the year and a day i learn what the Apprentice fears and My Ordeals are based on that, he he he bad me. But if someone is totally ignorant of the traditional Ordeals of the blade to the heart, poison cup and, oh dear now i am giving them away, bad me, then i will do the traditional ones on them until their third which is years along and i Really know what they Really fear, bad bad bad HPT. Great post and reblogging to COC so TY Lauren. Lee / SMSBFZ

Blue Star Owl

This was originally posted on Witches and Pagans on July 27, 2013.

“…And you will earn the right of return,
and all the moons you can swallow”
~Tea With Witches, Kate Chadbourne

Right before I left for Sirius Rising, I came across one of Star Foster’s blogs about her experience with her own initiation, Considering Consent: Initiation, Baptism, and Other Religious Milestones. This blog left me with a lot to chew over, since my own initiation was nothing like Star’s experience and I was preparing to assist in elevating two of my students.

In the blog Star says, “I told my initiator afterwards that had I had an understanding of what the ritual would entail, I would never have requested an initiation. I would have remained a ‘friend of the house.’ To be perfectly honest, had I been given a paper copy of the ritual to peruse…

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