“A Spell Of Witchcraft – Patricia & Arnold Crowther” Episode 1 or 6 from a 1971 BBC Radio Broadcast


I found these old 1971 BBC radio broadcasts interviewing Patricia and Arnold Crowther which are fascinating, interesting and somewhat spooky as the radio broadcasts on Witchcraft and other forms of Occultism were from back in that time. To put this into perspective 1971 is when I graduated from High School so it is 44 years ago. Embedded below is part one and the rest play as each is over. To quote from the YT sitesitesite – ”

To quote from the YT site – “A series of 6 twenty minute programmes on Witchcraft broadcast by BBC Radio Sheffield, which commenced on 6th January 1971.The series was presented by Patricia and Arnold Crowther and was produced by Peter Hawkins.”


Enjoy and Blessed Be !

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