Bastet – Totem of the Coven of the Catta


Image from Scarlet and Purple Tumplr blog

Bastet is the animal totem for the Coven of the Catta (Latin for cat). Further back in our lineage the Horse was the animal totem of Sybil Leek’s Coven of the Horsa from the New Forest in England. Before that the Red Dragon was the animal totem of the Coven de la Dragon Rouge in SE France.

Bastet statue black gold earring

Bast from the British Museum

I think Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue and Lord Merlin aka Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee chose the cat as a totem for their Coven back in 1967 for several reasons. First off, the cat has traditionally been associated with Witchcraft for hundreds of years. But i think more importantly it was because they both Loved cats. Lady Phoebe had several cats in her house before she passed. And Dr Santee also had a few pet cats, including one named Bastet who unfortunately died during a fire at his library. And in his will, which i have read, he donated a fair amount of money to the Humane Society, which he had supported all his life.

Bastet green

Green Bastet papyrus – source unknown

And when i think of it i cannot think of one witch i have ever known who has not owned a cat at some time in their life, depending on their living situation.

Bastet x 4

My Four Bastet Statues

So All Hail and Blessed Be to Our Lady Bastet the Goddess of Witchcraft and of our Coven of the Catta !

7 thoughts on “Bastet – Totem of the Coven of the Catta

  1. The first picture is wonderful. My family have had cats all our lives. When the last pet cat we owned died two strays turned up. They were followed by my brother, returning with his cat! A large black feline is also one of my Otherworldly companions.

    • I always say one is either a cat person or a dog person, though i have seen both. Dogs just pay too much attention to you. Cats just live with you and aren’t too demanding, at least not most of the time, probably like a perfect mate, lol. I have my 13 years old short hair part Siamese (at least she talks a lot) cat Shadow and my 5 year old long haired Spider because when he was small he looked like a tarantula. Shadow tolerates Spider, but she is the Queen for sure.

  2. I think cats are such magical animals – and they choose their people. My family have always had cats, and I have to gorgeous siamese one of whom does a passable impersonation of Bast! Cicero said that ‘a room without a book is like a body with out a soul’ I think similar could be said about cats, for me, a house without a cat just isn’t a home.

    • Yes i quite agree. Both my present cats were wild rescues. Shadow was caught by a neighbor whose hands were bleeding with her fighting, and i called her that because when she stood in a shadow in the apartment i could not see her. Her birthday is some time around Beltane. Spider was found by some kids in a rainstorm and was only about 4 weeks old, must have gotten separated from his mum, and i picked him up on Halloween.

  3. Awww, they definately found you and chose you! Mine were rescue’s too, but in a different way, the couple who looked after them had split up and had to move into rented accommodation that woulnd’t take pets. She was so upset to part with them she was in tears, but I’ve kept in touch with her for years so she knows they are happy. What was so sweet, when I first met the cats, Kye, the Blue Point, ran straight over to me like he knew he knew me and got straight into the cat carrier.

    • That was good of you dear, and i am sure made your friend very happy. I had to give away my first 3 cats for the same reason, and because of being very poor and not able to support them anymore. But they went to friends, and i would visit them every month or so.

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